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Anodized aluminum in coils and sheets









About us

In aluminum industry since 1946


Overland Srl is a family-owned anodizing aluminium company located near Milano, Italy, and we have been in business since 1946. We are one of the few companies in Europe able to operate with continuous anodizing process, that ensures the absence of hanging/racking marks and the achieving of an homogenous surface, not easy to obtain with the typical batch anodizing process. Overland owns two automated continuous anodizing lines. The aluminium can be delivered in coils or cut into sheets and strips, and it's available in a variety of dimensions and anodic film layers, depending on the customer's needs. We are already exporting to Europe, South America and Middle East: with over 60 years of experience in the aluminium industry, our high qualified team can assure the standard of quality and the know-how necessary to meet your needs.

Continuous Coil Anodizing


Anodizing aluminium

Anodizing is an electrochemical process by which a strong protective oxide layer is created on the surface of aluminum

1. Durability

The oxide layer protects aluminum against corrosion, resists deep scratching and is considered as one of the most durable surface finishes. The strength of the anodized aluminum oxide coating is extremely high and stays right after diamond (9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness)

2. Aesthetics

Anodized layer gives aluminum a better aestetic touch. The ability to get different types of finishes (matte, bright, etched, embossed) brings the whole range of applications in design and decorative production. Anodized aluminum sheets can be bent without any visible deformation of the surface in the place of turn. Reflection quality is higher and close to the one of silver which gives a great advantage for using it in lighting production

3. Coloring

The way of coloring anodized aluminum is unique because pigment is added to the pores of the anodic layer and then sealed by finishing thermal stage. It means that the color is integrated into the surface and therefore can not be peeled or tore off, it doesn't deteriorate

There are two main methods to Anodize aluminum: Batch anodizing and Continuous Coil Anodizing. In Overland we use only Continuous Coil Anodizing since it gives a higher volume of production with higher quality

Benefits of Continuous Coil Anodizing over Batch Anodizing

Continuous Coil Anodizing method Batch Anodizing method
The absence of hanging/racking marks Anodizing individual parts requires clamping the aluminum, which results in hanging/racking marks
Homogenous surface and consistent color. Anodizing a coil minimizes the variables which can lead to color variation Slight color variation


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