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Conditions / please read alleged text

  • Your Aluminium Coils will be treated/anodised applying our best technical knowledge and forty-years experience. If we notice (after anodising approx. 200 meters) that raw material/coils received from your company do not correspond to requested and agreed quality specifications we will stop the production and immediately inform you in order to agree how/ if we will proceed.
    Anyhow, we will invoice already performed anodising.

  • Attention, coils with weight over 1.500 kg could NOT be delivered positioned on pallet – “eye to sky” – please deliver such coils as on photos

  • In any case Overland Srl will be responsible only for anodising (anodised layer in thickness, quality and uniformity previously agreed) as well as also in unlike event of mechanical damages of coils.
    We will not be responsible for eventual defects on coils caused in lamination or other process in production that might not be visible before anodising (see also above written).
  • Our invoice will be always based on effective weight of each coil in entrance and before any treatment.

• We accept and discuss claim value up-to the invoiced amount for performed service (anodising).
• In the event of a claim and / or qualitative failure as well as delayed delivery Overland Srl do not accept and under no circumstances could pay direct or indirect damages and costs that might occur.

• With separate agreement could be regulated unlike and rare case of damages of customer’s Alu-Coils (if caused by Overland).

• If there is no such  agreement we will consider actual market cost of auminum with corresponding quality and origin.
• Generally,  we do not accept any request exceeding previously agreed (or actual) aluminium value.

••• Overland will always try to find “gentlemen’s agreement” with customer in order to solve any dispute that might occur.

October 2009

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