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  • Company is founded in 1946 as OCM. 1968 moved to new premises in Mombretto di Mediglia, 20 km east from Milan, where is situated today. 2001 company changed name to Overland.
  • Overland’s core business is Continuous Coil Anodizing. Two production lines projected and dedicated exclusively to modern and functional processes provide almost all dimensions and finishes (and colours) used today
  • We also have one Continuous Coil Coating line for Aluminium, Steel, Brass...

Aluminium coils are anodised, coated and/or painted to customer's request and needs. Modern and functional production as well as control structure combined with technologically advanced machinery and processes, trained and highly motivated staff, guarantees quality and service.

We produce standard and special, customer tailored, dimensions and deliver anodised and/or painted aluminium in:

Protective film is applied on request


           OVERLAND Srl

·                   Issued and fully paid-up capital € 15.000 


  VAT N°  IT 13180090154

   N° REA: 1622652 “Ufficio Registro Milano” 


legal Address, Office &Production Plant:

ITALY- 20060 Mombretto di Mediglia (MI) - Via Pinturicchio 6 


All deliveries, and collection of material

as well as post, telephone/fax and mail contacts on:

Overland Srl – Via Pinturicchio 6;I-20060 Mombretto di Mediglia (MI)

Tel. +;    Fax:+;


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